Smart Energy-saving Sun Module

  • Smart Energy-saving Sun Module
  • Smart Energy-saving Sun Module
  • Smart Energy-saving Sun Module
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Smart Energy-saving Sun Module
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JA smart sun module are mainly suitable for home, commercial and industrial use. And equipped with a energy-saving module, it can be shipped out quickly. The product has passed multiple tests and has CE, PID, TUV and other certificates.

Smart Energy-saving Sun Module Smart solar photovoltaic modules

smart sun module

An smart sun module that can be installed in multiple energy-saving module in parallel and supplemented by remote control software to form a complete solar power generation system.

Advantages of Smart Energy-saving Sun Module:

1. Intelligent smart sun module are used in solar photovoltaic power generation systems to ensure that each smart sun module operates at the maximum power point, have strong resistance to local shadows, adapt to changing loads and weather conditions, and optimize the efficiency and reliability of the solar system;

2. Each energy-saving module becomes an independent individual. It is no longer necessary to connect individual energy-saving module in series and parallel to form a photovoltaic array. Achieve smart sun module design of the power generation system, realize plug-and-play and hot-swapping, and make system expansion simple and convenient;

3. This component is used in grid-connected systems and no longer requires a large inverter occupying an independent installation space. It can make full use of space and adapt to applications in different installation directions and angles;

4. This energy-saving module improves the redundancy of the power generation system. The failure of a single component will not affect the entire system. The onboard communication interface of the component can realize the direct control of each component by the power generation control system and achieve rapid fault diagnosis;

5. The use of this component can shorten the design and construction cycle of the photovoltaic power generation system, reduce labor costs during operation, and reduce subsequent maintenance costs.


1.Scientific design, no need to install additional batteries;

2.Authentic A-grade products, passed multiple inspections and have multiple test certificates;

3.Full installation guidance is provided, and 24-hour online service is provided to you;

4.The packaging is safe and the goods are not easily damaged.

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