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    Affordable Pv Solar Panel

    Affordable Pv Solar Panel

    JA photovoltaic solar panel mainly suitable for home, commercial and industrial use. And equipped with a affordable panel, it can be shipped out quickly. The affordable panel has passed multiple tests and has CE, PID, TUV and other certificates.

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  • New Invention Of Solar Module

    New Invention Of Solar Module

    Advantages of half-cell design: 1. Lower packaging loss and lower temperature; 2. Shadow tolerance reduces the risk of hot spots, half of the component is blocked, and the other half can still work; 3. Low current reduces hot spot temperature; 4. Shadow tolerance reduces power loss.

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  • Small Household Photovoltaic Module

    Small Household Photovoltaic Module

    For residential photovoltaic rooftop systems, homeowners need a powerful and affordable self-generating system. This system should generate electricity efficiently, be flexible in configuration and easy to install, as well as have an intelligent management system and reliable after-sales service.
    Our new solar panel series mainly has the following three major advantages: better energy cost, active safety and better experience.

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  • P-type Single Glass Soalr Panel

    P-type Single Glass Soalr Panel

    PERC (Passivated Emitter Rear Cell) - emitter and back passivated battery technology. The difference from conventional batteries is the back. PERC cells use a passivation film to passivate the back, replacing the traditional all-aluminum back field to enhance light. The internal back reflection on the silicon base reduces the recombination rate on the back side, thereby increasing the efficiency of the battery by 0.5%-1%.

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  • Commercial Power Generation Panel

    Commercial Power Generation Panel

    Our commercial panel can adapt to different climate environments, temperatures, and altitudes. Less affected by temperature and climate. Our photovoltaic panels can be used in ordinary power station projects, alpine areas, offshore photovoltaic systems, and snowy areas.

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  • Monosi Industrial Solar Panel

    Monosi Industrial Solar Panel

    The reasons why solar power generation can become an industrial power source are as follows:
    1. Solar energy is a renewable energy source that will not be exhausted and can meet the long-term demand for industrial electricity;
    2. Solar power generation does not produce greenhouse gases and pollution. It has less impact on the environment;
    3.Economic feasibility: With continuous development, the cost of solar power generation gradually decreases and the efficiency gradually increases;
    4. Distributed power supply: Distributed power supply can be realized, and the power generation system can be distributed in different places during the entire process to reduce losses.

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  • 415W Small Pv Module

    415W Small Pv Module

    415w pv module makes it the smallest power product we produce.
    415w pv module for home,desert, sea,and hills.
    Purchasing a small pv module, it is very important to choose the appropriate power size based on your own needs and the environment.

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  • Efficient P-type Solar Panel

    Efficient P-type Solar Panel

    1. High efficiency: The power generation efficiency module of monocrystalline silicon photovoltaic panels is as high as 20%, which is one of the most efficient solar cells.
    2. Good stability: Monocrystalline silicon photovoltaic perc module can withstand extreme conditions such as high temperature and strong light, and have a long life.
    3. Beautiful: Monocrystalline silicon photovoltaic perc module have consistent color and beautiful appearance.

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  • Powerful P-type Module Single Glass

    Powerful P-type Module Single Glass

    1.p-type module High power generation and low electricity cost
    High-efficiency batteries are paired with advanced packaging technology and industry-leading component output power;
    2. powerful module Ultra-low attenuation
    Decay by 2% in the first year and 0.55% annually from 2 to 30 years
    Provide end customers with long-term and stable power generation income.

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