New Invention Of Solar Module

  • New Invention Of Solar Module
  • New Invention Of Solar Module
  • New Invention Of Solar Module
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New Invention Of Solar Module
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Advantages of half-cell design: 1. Lower packaging loss and lower temperature; 2. Shadow tolerance reduces the risk of hot spots, half of the component is blocked, and the other half can still work; 3. Low current reduces hot spot temperature; 4. Shadow tolerance reduces power loss.

New Invention Of half-cell solar module

With half-cell new invention module technology, they essentially cut a regular solar cell in half. Instead of 60 or 72 cells like common photovoltaic modules, there are 120 or 144 half-cell solar module, while maintaining the same design and size as conventional modules.

half-cell solar module

Half-cell of new invention module battery technology generally uses laser cutting to cut standard battery cells into two identical half-cell cells in a direction perpendicular to the main grid line of the battery, and then weld them in series.

new invention module

New invention module as shown in the figure above, the open circuit voltage of a half-cell battery is the same as that of a full-cell battery. The number of half-cell solar module batteries is doubled. After being divided into two parts, the number of cells in each part is the same as that of the full-cell component. The voltage after the two parts are connected in parallel is It is the same as each part individually, so the total output voltage does not change relative to the full cell.

Since the half-cell battery is only half the size of a conventional battery, the current of each battery is only half of that of a conventional battery. The plate shape is designed so that the upper and lower parts are connected in parallel, and the output current returns to the current value of the full-cell battery.

The resistance of a half-cell cell is only half that of the full cell, so the resistance of each part connected in parallel is only half that of the full-chip component. If the two parts with only half the resistance are connected in parallel, the total loop resistance will be only 1/4 of the full resistance.

Half-cell Solar Module FEATURES

Scientific design, no need to install additional batteries;

Authentic A-grade solar module, passed multiple inspections with multiple test certificates;

Full installation guidance is provided;

The packaging is safe and the goods are not easily damaged.

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