P-type Single Glass Soalr Panel

  • P-type Single Glass Soalr Panel
  • P-type Single Glass Soalr Panel
  • P-type Single Glass Soalr Panel
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P-type Single Glass Soalr Panel
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PERC (Passivated Emitter Rear Cell) - emitter and back passivated battery technology. The difference from conventional batteries is the back. PERC cells use a passivation film to passivate the back, replacing the traditional all-aluminum back field to enhance light. The internal back reflection on the silicon base reduces the recombination rate on the back side, thereby increasing the efficiency of the battery by 0.5%-1%.

Cost-effective P-type single glass solar panels   

p-type solar panel

Crystalline silicon battery technology uses silicon wafers as substrates, and p-type solar panel batteries are distinguished based on the differences in silicon wafers. There is no essential difference in the battery power generation principle, both based on PN junction for separation of photogenerated carriers. Phosphorus elements are diffused on single glass panel semiconductor materials , a solar cell forming an n+/p-type structure is a p-type solar panel cell.            

The production process of p-type solar panel batteries is relatively simple and the cost is low. The main products on the market are PERC batteries and N-type batteries.            

After 2016, PERC batteries took over and took off. By 2020, p-type solar panel batteries accounted for more than 85% of the global market, and currently double-sided p-type solar panel is the dominant one.              

In 2020, the average conversion efficiency of large-scale production of single glass panel reached 22.7% and 19.4% respectively. P-type monocrystalline cells have adopted PERC technology, and the average conversion efficiency has increased by 0.5 percentage points year-on-year.       

single glass panel


Scientific design, no need to install additional batteries;      

Authentic A-grade single glass panel, passed multiple inspections with multiple test certificates;   

Full installation guidance is provided;    

The packaging of single glass panel is safe and the goods are not easily damaged.    

p-type solar panel

If any p-type single glass panel system meets your request, please feel free to contact us.Catalog &Sample can be offered if price content.We provide 24-hour online service and online installation guidance.    

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