N-type Double Glass Mono Module

  • N-type Double Glass Mono Module
  • N-type Double Glass Mono Module
  • N-type Double Glass Mono Module
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N-type Double Glass Mono Module
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The photoelectric conversion efficiency of monocrystalline module cells is about 18%, with the highest reaching 24%.The advantage of monocrystalline module is that its conversion rate is higher than that of polycrystalline silicon, and monocrystalline module can generate more electricity in the same area.

N-type Double Glass Mono Module battery technology change

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2021 is an inflection point year for battery technology change. The only main theme of the double glass module industry is cost reduction and efficiency increase. n-type module cells have gradually entered the stage and been accepted by people due to n-type module high conversion efficiency. According to ISFH data, the theoretical limit efficiencies of PERC, HJT, and TOPCon batteries are 24.5%, 27.5%, and 28.7% respectively.

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Before 2017, aluminum backfield BSF batteries were the mainstream. Since 2017, PERC double glass module batteries have nearly completely replaced aluminum backfield batteries. However, since the current PERC double glass module battery is approaching the theoretical limit efficiency of 24.5%, there is limited room for improvement.

N-type batteries will begin to develop rapidly after 2021, led by TOPCon and HJT, both of which are currently in the early stages of large-scale commercialization. Potential future technology routes also include HBC and perovskite stacked cells, n-type modules are equivalent to upgrades combined with HJT, so the conversion efficiency can achieve another leap.

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