Monosi Double Glass Pv Module

  • Monosi Double Glass Pv Module
  • Monosi Double Glass Pv Module
  • Monosi Double Glass Pv Module
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Monosi Double Glass Pv Module
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Double sides PV module do not require frames to avoid rising module costs. Double-glass modules also cater to the BIPV trend, increase power generation and ensure indoor lighting.

Monosi module with double sides photovoltaic module

The purpose of bifacial monosi module is to allow the back side of the monosi module to also generate electricity, so transparent materials are used, which can be transparent backsheets, but are generally in the form of double glass.

The middle part of the monosi module is still the cell, the outer layer is POE film/EPE film, and the outermost layer is photovoltaic glass. It can be simply understood as replacing the photovoltaic backplane of the single-sided module with photovoltaic glass.

monosi module

Double-sided double-glass modules have many advantages, mainly including the following aspects.

1. The durability and lifespan of photovoltaic glass itself is very long. Compared with photovoltaic backsheets, double sides PV module has certain advantages. There is no need to add a film to the outermost layer of the backsheet to ensure module efficiency and lifespan. At the same time, the barrier properties of the glass are also very good, and the moisture-proof ability is good, which further ensures the efficiency of the components.

double sides PV module

2. The double sides PV module has a symmetrical structure and good weight consistency, which can effectively improve the mechanical strength and better protect the battery cells.

3. The use of materials is simpler. Only three materials are used in the five-layer structure, which will help reduce costs and solve recycling problems in the future.

monosi module

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