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  • Bificial Industrial Pv Panel
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Bificial Industrial Pv Panel
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All properties of bificial industrial pv panel have been improved, and their scope of application has been significantly expanded. Since the bificial industrial panel is made of double glass, its weather resistance and power generation efficiency are better than traditional modules, especially for photovoltaic power stations, agricultural greenhouse photovoltaic power stations, and large sandstorms located in areas with high humidity, acid rain or salt spray. Regional photovoltaic power station.

Bificial Industrial Pv Panel significantly expanded

bificial industrial panel

In single-glass pv panel, solar energy is absorbed from the pv panel side, whereas bificial industrial panel capture sunlight from both sides (front and back).

Double glass means that the cell is a single-sided cell + a partial aluminum layer on the back. Double glass means that both the front and back sides are glass.

The front and back sides of the bificial industrial panel are composed of two pieces of tempered glass, EVA film and pv panel cells, which are laminated at high temperature by a laminator to form a composite layer. It includes a tempered glass layer, a material layer (PVB, PO, EVA or ion polymer), a single crystal or pv panel battery pack layer, a material layer and a tempered glass layer arranged in sequence from top to bottom.

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The advantages of double-glass modules are even more significant:

1. The water permeability is zero, and the attenuation rate, efficiency, and lifespan are simultaneously optimized. The zero water permeability of the glass reduces the power loss of the module, improves the power generation efficiency, reduces the attenuation rate by about 0.2 percentage points, and extends the service life by 5 years to about 30 years.

2. Good mechanical properties. The fire protection grade of double-glass pv panel has been upgraded from Class C to Class A for traditional modules, and the fire protection performance has been significantly improved.

3. Large heat capacity, reducing hot spot effect. The thermal diffusion coefficient of glass and backplane is more than 7 times different. The use of double-glass pv panel can effectively solve the problem of component heat dissipation and reduce hot spot damage.

bificial industrial panel

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