Anti-seismic Pv Panel Bracket

  • Anti-seismic Pv Panel Bracket
  • Anti-seismic Pv Panel Bracket
  • Anti-seismic Pv Panel Bracket
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Anti-seismic Pv Panel Bracket
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The anti-seismic photovoltaic mounting system is suitable for flat land and various non-plateau terrains, and has strong wind and snow bearing capacity. The system is stable, large-span design, few installation parts and low cost. The angles of east, west, north and south are adjustable and suitable for various slopes.

photovoltaic panel bracket anti-seismic handle tilting

photovoltaic panel bracket

Some anti-seismic bracket structural parts are replaced by steel cables, saving 35% of steel consumption and reducing investment costs by 5 to 10% compared with traditional power stations. The unique anti-seismic bracket design of the prestressed suspension cable applies specific tension to the system, making the anti-seismic bracket stable and strong in wind resistance. The photovoltaic panel bracket is driven into the ground with a pile driver, photovoltaic panel bracket makes the construction simple and the installation efficiency high.

anti-seismic bracket

Can handle tilting from east to west

East-West rotating metal parts can effectively solve the problem of ground tilt.

Can cope with north-south tilt

According to the driving length of the pile, the height difference between the north and the south is adjusted, and it is suitable for complex foundations with rotating metal parts.

Save construction time and costs

The angles in the east-west, north-south directions can be adjusted according to local requirements. Simplify installation and maximize power generation efficiency.

Innovative technology, excellent anti-vibration performance. The system adopts unbonded prestressing technology. By applying prestress to the cables, the cables gain stiffness. Through the stabilizing cables and stabilizer bars, the system can withstand wind vibration under the action of wind load.

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