TOPCon VS HJT Who Is The Winner?


TOPCon VS HJT Who is the winner? 

The production expansion process of HJT and TOPCon has accelerated this year, and leading companies have stepped up their deployment of N-type battery technology. What is the technology development trend of photovoltaic cells in the future? The following Wall Street Insights and Wisdom Research will give you an in-depth review of the characteristics of the photovoltaic cell industry and how it will evolve in the future?


The past and present life of photovoltaic cells——The P-type era ends and the N-type era begins

The photovoltaic cell industry belongs to the midstream of the photovoltaic industry chain and is made from silicon wafers through cleaning, texturing and other steps. Photovoltaic panels generate voltage and current when exposed to light, thereby achieving photovoltaic power generation, which is essentially similar to low-end semiconductor manufacturing.


According to different raw materials and battery preparation technology, photovoltaic cells can be divided into P-type cells and N-type cells. P-type silicon wafers are made by doping silicon material with boron element; N-type silicon wafers are made by doping silicon material with phosphorus element. P-type battery preparation technologies include traditional AL-BSF (aluminum back field) and PERC technology. There are many N-type battery preparation technologies, including PERT/PERL, TOPCon, IBC and HJT (heterojunction), etc.


Generally speaking, aluminum backfield BSF batteries were the mainstream before 2017, and since 2017, PERC batteries have nearly completely replaced aluminum backfield batteries. However, since the current PERC battery is approaching the theoretical limit efficiency of 24.5%, there is limited room for improvement. N-type batteries will begin to develop rapidly after 2021, led by TOPCon and HJT, both of which are currently in the early stages of large-scale commercialization. Potential future technology routes also include HBC and perovskite stacked cells, which are equivalent to upgrades combined with HJT, so the conversion efficiency can achieve another leap.

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